Alzheimer’s Care

Supporting Everyone Involved

While the physical changes to the brain inherent in the process of Alzheimer’s developing are currently irreversible and incurable, their life limiting affects may, in some cases, be alleviated to some degree in the context of improving the quality of life of the person living with Alzheimer’s condition. The emotional wellbeing of the individual’s family support group may also benefit from the use of therapy in easing their understandable feelings of frustration, anger, guilt and grief. Supporting a loved one suffering from a condition such as Alzheimer’s has often been described as “mourning the living” and much can be done to alleviate this stress on the family support group.

Improving the Quality of Life

Research conducted by Dr Daniel Nightingale, then Senior Dementia Consultant for Southern Cross Healthcare in conjunction with the Division of Clinical Psychology at Liverpool University showed that hypno-psychotherapy can be effective in improving the quality of life for Alzheimer patients in seven main areas:

  • Concentration on daily tasks
  • Relaxation, thus reducing anxiety which is a common feature
  • Motivation, thus tending to avoid depressive conditions
  • Undertaking daily activities and keeping active
  • Immediate memory retention
  • Memory for significant life events
  • Socialisation thereby avoiding the tendency for self-isolation.

Further research was conducted a year later to measure the longevity and continuing efficacy of the original therapy and it was found that in all cases the effects were still present and in some cases had continued to improve without further therapeutic intervention.

Specialist Care

David Dove has been trained by Dr. Nightingale who is one of the originators of the research and co-author on the definitive paper on this subject, "In best practice in the use of Hypno-Psychotherapy with people living with Dementia". This training was conducted in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Society and the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

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